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About Desc

We are the Masonic and Eastern Star Home (MESH) Charities of Washington, D.C.

MESH Charities is a part of the wider family of organizations whose members are Freemasons and Eastern Stars. MESH was founded originally to provide a home and care for our senior citizen neighbors, but has grown to support others in need, as well as related charitable endeavors in our DC community. Since it’s founding over a century ago, MESH has been a tax-exempt charitable organization – and relies on the support of our members, neighbors, and community to conduct our programs.


Our Mission

To provide for the welfare and care of needy Sisters and Brothers of the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M., and the Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star of the District of Columbia, their spouses and dependent children; and contribute, as far as possible, to the charitable needs of others through grants to other worthy tax-exempt charitable causes.


To fulfill our mission, MESH runs several programs in three main areas. Our primary mission is providing high quality care to senior members in need. This includes in-home care as well as placement in the best residential facilities on an ongoing basis at no cost for qualified applicants. MESH also provides humanitarian relief for members who are experiencing short term hardship, in a variety of ways. Our third area of focus is to be an engaged member of our DC community, and to provide grants to worthy charitable organizations doing work in line with the mission of MESH. Please visit the Programs page to learn more!


MESH is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by staff and volunteers. The Board is elected by the representatives of each Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star Chapter, as well as the representatives of the Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter.


Neal Jarvis, Chair
Lynda Jo Kinder, Vice Chair
Marilyn Haroutunian, Secretary
Cary Cooper, Treasurer
Priscilla Bacon
Wayne Brough
Daniel Fink II
Sylvanus Newstead

Elizabeth J. Yetter


Jesse Villarreal, Executive Director
Morgan P. Corr, Director of Development and Communications
Doreen Cronrath, Director of Finance and Administration

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